The China Hero Project is a program by Sony that began in 2016 to support Chinese game developers in creating games for the PlayStation platform, for both Chinese and global markets. The design brief was to refresh the China Hero Project brand to better align with the PlayStation branding. Our goal was to launch the redesigned logo during phase 3 and integrate it seamlessly into the PlayStation brand. The main objective of the project was to redesign the logo and redraw the spaceship, as well as create brand applications and guidelines to ensure consistency across all brand elements.
Art Direction: Matt Redway
Designers: Myoung Chung, Luke Wright
The old logo did not include any PlayStation branding and the spaceship icon behind the wordmark became indiscernible when scaled down.
The updated logo features prominent PlayStation branding and retains the spaceship iconography even at small sizes.
The spaceship is a metaphor exploring unknown & infinite possibilities. I've drawn it based on the spaceship featured in the initial trailer.

I've also created a mini brand guide for the project.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai press conference on November 2022

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