Hunter is a heavily customised version of the font Omar. There are two widths available; Condensed and Regular.
The game Horizon needed a customised font to be used widely across the game UI, in-game assets and marketing Comms. There was an increased need of a font which has personality and tribal feel but doesn’t hurt usability. I had an opportunity to explore two styles for the Hunter typeface concept - Condensed and Regular.
The initial version was shared with Monotype, who sent over a set of suggestions and refinements, and some of it was implemented in the revised version. Then I have customised the styles with subtle design features and added roughness to the outlines to provide more own-ability.

Font in Use Example 1. ©Guerrilla Games

Font in Use Example 2. Accolades design by Myoung Chung ©Guerrilla Games

Designers: Myoung Chung, Monotype
Art direction: Matt Redway

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