Graphic Designer and Illustrator


The Wireless Factory used to be a business park in West London. The Client Dunmoore purchased the site and commissioned us to help them create the website, brand identity and show suite interior design.

This page shows the logo, postcards, and window graphics that I designed for this project. The retro radio logo came from client’s idea that there once used to be a Roberts Radio spare parts factory nearby.

Designed whilst working at Run For The Hills.


This page shows a standee, entrance door and windows decals and some signage that I designed.  The standee was placed in the corner of the show unit to help the brand come to life.

This project gave me an opportunity to work on spatial design, illustration and branding and web design to continue to develop and grow as a multidisciplinary designer.

This is one of web page background images I created for the website. It was designed to match the vintage brand feel. The web page contains interesting facts about Isleworth, where Wireless Factory is based.

you could view the web page by clicking the link below.

Ten Things About Isleworth


The web pages were created using an interactive responsive theme in WordPress. This website includes an interactive map, image sliders, galleries and GIF animations to show a number of images of the site and local area.


This page shows an interactive local area map, animated GIF transport map and a set of icons I designed. The interactive map was created using a WordPress plug-in called Mapplic.

Making icons and maps were the most fun part of this project. The icons were especially custom made after the actual buildings in Isleworth.

This graphic is from the decals I have worked on.

Creative and impactful typography based decals were applied to windows of the Show Suite and other units. These eye-catching window decals helped create unique atmosphere to draw people in.

The images show the completed look of the Show Suite. I have done a blackboard chalk art to make the viewers feel more welcomed.