Graphic Designer and Illustrator

This is a branding concept proposed to a Brighton based vegan pizzeria, Purezza. This route contains a hand drawn logo with illustrative brand assets which could be used in murals, wall graphics, menu design and decals. Unfortunately this route didn’t get chosen but I also have worked on their glazing graphics and murals. So please keep scrolling down.

Designed whilst working at Run For The Hills.

Another proposed design of a hand-drawn mural. The idea was to have all the ingredients used on their pizza on a single branch, to show their healthy, organic origins.

This is the chosen route for the logo (not my design). I created this vegetable pattern which then was used in their shop window graphic, adverts and menus.

This is the one of the menu designs we proposed. I tried lots of styles when working on the vegetable illustrations/patterns. For these ones I drew them with tip of a wooden chopstick dipped into Korean traditional ink, maybe a bit unsual but it worked out well.