Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Junction Branding

I have worked on the branding for Junction, a contemporary five storey office building in London. The building is currently being renovated and it will provide an excellent working environment with a stylish business lounge reception. Designed whilst working at

Myoung Chung – Logo design, custom typeface, bespoke map & brand assets

Creating a custom font

I designed a font just for this project and have named it Junction Serif. It is a high contrasted serif font that can be used across the brand. The logo for Junction and the engine room was designed in this bespoke font. The animation shows the font in the brand colours.

A Graphic map made for Junction

I’ve also worked on an isometric style map that shows the local area around the building. The clients especially loved the map and it has become a distinct part of the brand.

Website Design

I have built the website on WordPress, re-styling an existing theme to the brand style. It shows the mood references, floor sizes, amenities, some images of the local area, a transport map and leads you to Call to Action.

Visit the website here: