Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Infographic created for Fortune Korea showing brand rankings for 500 Korean companies.

Infographic showing the places we went in Tokyo and Odaiba when we were on a business trip to see lots of amazing book stores and a toy show. Sounds like a dreamy business trip right? We even went on a cruise and had Korean BBQ… Yes in Japan. 🙂

In my first year of career I was working crazy hours under a lot of stress, sometimes working even on weekends. Although I liked the work I had to resign and find another job after a year because the workload never seemed to decrease. On these infographics I was my own client and recorded my daily working hours, working activities, how many calls I received from where, and even the supper menus we ordered from various restaurants so that we could work late shifts. I still found time to create my own thing apart from studio work because at that time that felt so necessary to design something that had my voice.

Luckily all the artwork on this page got featured in Data Visualization and Infographic Design. It was such a joyous moment because apart from two of these, all were self-initiated. Working for a studio that does creative work is itself a glorious thing but doing your own work with contents that came from you and trying different styles is super fun!