Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Creating brand assets for Dabbawal, an Indian restaurant based in Newcastle which has two venues, was a very fun project to work on. I started with creating a montage in different colourways so it could be used across the venues, brand collaterals, the website and so on.

Designed whilst working at Run For The Hills.

Comments cards and postcard design.

Lots of roundels were created for Dabbawal. The client liked everything and these all became brand assets. The famous Angel of the North has now become one of their roundels! The design with a dabbawala on a bicycle was made into a custom stamp. The montage shown previously has become a colourful wallpaper in the Highbridge venue for a pop of colours. I’ve also designed two caged neons which were based on a hand lettering.

The inspiration for these illustrations came from Bollywood posters and hand-painted Indian movie posters.

Christmas posters for the two restaurant venues in Newcastle. Same design with the signature roundel in two colourways.

Dabbawal had lots of menus, about nine different menus across their two venues. The takeaway menu was printed in zingy spot colours and the other menus were printed in black on a craft paper for premium look.

The pattern used on the Christmas menu is actually from an old Indian carpet, which then was desaturated and altered to be used on the cover and other brand assets. It is very Christmassy to be fair!

This was a very nice idea from the client. The montage was printed on a large textured wallpaper and cut to be made as covers for the drinks menu.

Dabbawal’s social media has all been updated with new brand assets.

Click the play button to view the illustrated decal on Dabbawal’s front elevation. Illustrations, elements and patterns that were created as part of brand assets were used. Video clip taken from

Then I designed a custom decal that was to go on the four windows of the exterior. The signature Dabbawala’s are to lead customers to the main entrance.

Logo was edited to fit the triangular entrance to fit into a triangular corten stencil sign that welcomes you into the Jesmond branch.