Graphic Designer and Illustrator


I had been photographing old towns in Seoul for my personal project some years before. Like anywhere else in the world, Seoul does have some really affluent areas as well as small old towns that are in the development scheme. I looked into the images of a particular village called Jungneung, of the houses and people. In near future, new sky scrappers will be built upon the same land and the existing place will be forgotten.

Artifacts are usually kept in museums or photographed to keep record. But there won’t be many who will remember this small town of Jeongneung.  It would not be pleasant to lose memories and records set on the land that once belonged to the residents.

In a wish to put an everlasting life to the abandoned things which once occupied part of the people’s lives, I took pictures of the objects and joined different parts together to create new creatures. These creatures would carry memories of people and places within them.


My research on this project involved a lot of image collection, that is going into different parts of the town and taking pictures for data gathering.

I kept an idea sketchbook all along the process, it was filled with images, sketches, collage, notes and text from books and references for unlocking ideas.

Some of them were hand sketched and watercoloured, others were done digitally on Photoshop but these were all based on the images of Jungneung. I imagined them to be roaming around on the streets at night, when everyone’s asleep.