Graphic Designer and Illustrator

This was part of an interior project designing a London advertising agency BMB’s workspace. I have designed and illustrated some glazing graphic decals to fill the new workspace.

Glazing graphics for The Study. This is based on my sketch to give it hand-drawn look and personality. These graphics add some quirks to the room as well as privacy.

Decals for The Study. A nice personal touch was added by BMB’s in-house graphic designer.

Proposed glazing graphic for The Garden using a bold colour palette of pink and teal green. This was altered to fit the space later.

The palm leaf pattern in The Garden area, giving the space a pop of colour.

Client  BMB Agency
Creative Directors  Chris Trotman, Anna Burles
Illustrator & Pattern Designer  Myoung Chung

Another proposed pattern design, a repeated pattern of peacock feathers in bold colours. This was not chosen.