Graphic Designer and Illustrator

This was part of an interior project designing a London advertising agency BMB’s workspace. I have designed and illustrated some glazing graphic decals to fill the new workspace.

Designed whilst working at Run For The Hills.

Glazing graphics for The Study. This is based on my sketch to give it hand-drawn look and personality. These graphics add some quirks to the room as well as privacy.

Decals for The Study. A nice personal touch was added by BMB’s in-house graphic designer.

Proposed glazing graphic for The Garden using a bold colour palette of pink and teal green. This was altered to fit the space later.

The palm leaf pattern in The Garden area, giving the space a pop of colour.

Client  BMB Agency
Creative Directors  Chris Trotman, Anna Burles
Illustrator & Pattern Designer  Myoung Chung

Another proposed pattern design, a repeated pattern of peacock feathers in bold colours. This was not chosen.